Turkey Bend Recreation Area and Home Made Pizza

Turkey Bend Recreation Area

The recreation area is owned and operated by the LCRA, Lower Colorado River Authority. No, not that Colorado River, the one in Texas. Yes it’s confusing, no I don’t know why. Anyhow, there are quite a few of these recreation areas along the river. Each usually has a modest entry fee of 5 dollars that is often operated on the ‘honor system’. By that I mean that there is a box at the entrance where you put your money in.

The park has a single road, which happened to be lined with Blue Bonnets as tis the season, goes on for about 1/2 a mile. From there it spiders out into many single lane dirt roads. The roads, while bumpy, are easily navigable in a SVU/Truck/Crossover type. My only concern with a car would be bottoming out.

We only went for a couple of hours, but we saw numerous tents sent up along the road and a few RVs. One particular spot housed a large group as it sat below a group of large Willow Trees.


There was also a couple of places scattered about where you could picnic at. 

Down by the river, there were a few fisherman/fisherladies, swimmers and people kayaking. This particular spot along the river seemed like a great place to do any of the above activities simply because of the scarcity of people, at least when compared to places like downtown Austin. 

Finally if you happen to travel here during the Bluebonnet season, you will not be disappointed. Fields of  the blue flowers ran all along the landscape. 

Here you can see some of the campers.


Here’s the single lane road I was talking about.



The Stories

Well this saturday I supposed to do my first skydiving jump. In a fun little twist of fate the weather put those plans on hold, for the second time. It never rains in Texas, unless of course you happen to have outdoor plans. But The Lady had a plan. In point of fact she had two great plans this weekend, but I’ll get to the second one later. 

The Pizza

The Lady had this wonderful idea that we should make our own pizza. She herself has made plenty of pizzas in the past and even a few for both of us. But this time she thought it be fun if we both made our own little pizza together. Awesome!. So the night before I went to HEB to pick up my ingredients. For me that included, turkey sausage, mozzarella and garlic pizza sauce. It’s a simple pizza, but I’m a simple man. She was kind enough to bring of the crust. 

A few hours before I was to pick her up I started my preparations. This mostly involved doing the dishes and other forms of cleaning. But it also meant pre-slicing/cooking the turkey sausage. I estimated that I would need 1 1/2 links. I diced them into tiny pieces, then threw them into the pan to get a good sizzle going. After I was done, I gave them a quick rinse to remove any excess grease, put them into a sealed container, and place them in the fridge.

image (10) image (2) image


About an hour later I picked The Lady up and we began our pizza making. I forgot to take pictures of the process, but mostly it just involved throwing the ingredients onto the crust in the appropriate order. For me that was, pizza sauce, little sausage, cheese, rest of sausage.  After a quick 11 min cook at 450 degrees, they were ready to be eaten! I have to say that mine tasted great and we both look forward to doing it again. 

The Lady’s is on the left, and mine is the right

  image (6) image (5)


The Other Great Idea

The second great idea that The Lady had was to go to Turkey Bend Recreation Area. She saw on facebook that one of her friends had gone to another park nearby and found fields of Bluebonnets. So since skydiving was a bust, off we went! 

The park was about 45 minutes away and proved to be quite an interesting drive. The road was winding up and down the hills that had some beautiful overlooks. The speed limit was also 55, which seemed odd to be me because I couldn’t see any sane person driving that road, at that speed. 

When we arrived at the park, we found the little donation/paying box that I mentioned above. Not having any cash… we kind of snuck in. If you can really sneak into a place that no one is guarding. We pulled off the main road shortly after the entrance that lead to a small field.  Here’s what we saw. Ohh I should also mention that the numerous flowers, combined with the recent rain created this wonderful aroma that filled the entire field. 




It’s hard to tell, but here you can see The Lady skipping down the road full of joy.


Next we got back into the car and drove to the end of the main road. Here it spidered out, so I parked the car and we hiked around the area.



After about an hour, we decided to head back for dinner. But before we stopped for food we made a short stop at Bicycle Sports Shop. They were having one of their big sales, so we wanted to see what we could find. They had all of the bikes set up in a huge tent across from the shop. We looked in there for a bit before heading into the actual store. The Lady ended up buying a new helmet and water bottle while I acquire a much needed Jersey. 

Next we headed to a new place called The League

image (1)

I got myself a bowl of Chicken Pot Pie and The Lady ordered herself a Grilled Cheese sandwich with Tomato Soup. For an appetizer we enjoyed some wonderful Mac and Cheese. It was a nice little restaurant that I’m sure we’ll return to.

You can find the rest of the photos from the park…

Thanks for reading!



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