Tacx Vortex Smart with Amber/Yellow Light

Damn Yellow Light

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Following the advice of DCRainemaker, I bought a Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer for all my winter riding needs. Sadly when it came in I found out that in order to ride the world of Zwift, I’d have to update the firmware on the trainer. In theory any trainer built since June should already have this update. Mine didn’t. Sad times. 🙁

Thankfully, updating is a simple matter of downloading the utility app and hitting the update button, that is, if you have an IOS device. Sadly, for whatever reason that honestly doesn’t matter, they don’t have a working Android version. Their current solution is to find a friend with an iPhone and update it from there.(Great solution!!!) So I took the trainer to work and a co-worker was nice enough to do just that for me. I’ll refrain from describing the amount of family unfriendly words that I muttered because of all of this. But done was done and I was happy to get home and give my newly updated trainer a whirl. 

But the kicker was that once I got home and plugged it in, the brake light which used to be green…is…now YELLOW!


After an hour or two of searching I came across the solution here. I’m writing this so that anyone who has the same problem will now have another place with the answer. Basically you have run an update via the Tacx Trainer Software 4. For this to work you’ll also need a Ant+ USB. I got mine from Amazon for 26$. The software cost somewhere around 80$ and requires a license… But the updater that comes with the software and gets installed at the same times does not require said license. You can find the software on their forums. A poster provided a direct download link. 9th post down on the first page. 

Once installed I ran the updater, which in my case was located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\TacxTrainersoftware4\update\TacxUpdater.exe


Select your trainer, Vortex for me.


Select the type. The brake is what you want.


Finally, if you have the Ant+ USB then it will be detected here.


 Once it’s connected it will check if there is an update available. Mine updated to version 2.6. Well it tried to update anyways. It took 3 tries for the update to finally take. 

To check if it worked, I loaded up the android app and tried to connect.


Success!!! And to double check I loaded up Zwift and went for a short ride. Success again!

Hope this helps!

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