Spring Creek Cabin in Fredricksburg and more wineries!

A quick note on the wine reviews

The Lady and I agree that the whole wine tasting thing is so subjective that reviewing the actual wine is kind of pointless. You can read about the wine tasting subject
here here here another here and you get the idea. So instead  I’ll instead talk about the place and staff. And as a quick note, The Lady and I prefer smaller less commercial places, so while I wont knock a place for being that, I also wont gush over how awesome it is.

The Cabin

If you’ve read my last Fredericksburg post, you’d know that the last place we stayed at was quite the let down, but being the little champs that The Lady and I are, we persevered. This time we tried Spring Creek Cabin and much to our delight, it was amazing!

The property consists of four cabins that, from the looks of the outside, are all identical. If I were to make a terrible guess, I’d say they were each about 400 sq feet. The layout is akin to studio apartment with the bedroom/living room being the same location and the kitchen just off to the side. 


Here you can see the bed and a little bit of the couch. The kitchen is just to the right of me.


Here’s a shot from the other side. The TV is just behind me. I had the camera for the first shot sitting on the divider by the door.

If you were to ask The Lady whom takes up most of the bed, she’d say I do. And if you ask me, she does. 🙂 It’s a never-ending battle that could be solved by a GoPro, but where is the fun in that? I mention this because neither of us had a, “who’s this person on my side of the bed” issue. The bed was slightly larger than my king size, but not by much. Tis a nice bed with plenty of pillows.

The couch was very comfy, though I will say that foot rest would have been awesome. But! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the view from said couch… which is fantastic!

Here’s the view from the couch/bed

Moving on, you can see that the room has a small kitchen that is only missing a stove top. But it did have a toaster, microwave and most utensils you would need for basic cooking. If you plan to grill, they have an electric one outside, but you should bring a spatula as they only have tongs. A rather odd omission was a can opener. Sadly this meant that my beans went uneaten. As for plates, the cupboard had 4 large and small plates, bowls, cups, wine glasses, pretty much everything you’d need. They also had a few of the basic spices which is my way of saying salt and pepper. But a couple different kinds of grill seasoning was in there as well. The fridge had, well, ice cubes in ice-cube trays. And to whomever stays next, a nice pound of 80/20 brisket beef because I forgot to pack that. 

I forgot the take a picture of the bathroom, so I’ll use theres!


As you can see, it’s a rather large bathroom. Honestly it’s bigger than anything you’ll find in a home. Other than the size, it’s a typical bathroom. The shower worked as you’d expect. The toilet flushed and the mirror mirrored. To the left of the picture above is a stacking washer and dryer with some extra towels. The Lady did make note of the floor mates which were very soft or “cozy”. 


Our cabin in all it’s glory

The front has a small deck with a fence that wraps all the way around forming an enclosure with no gate. The little pamphlet inside said it was for pets. A nice touch. 


We shared a car port with our neighbor.

As you can see above, two cabins share a single car port. I like that it was covered. 


And finally, the back porch. You can see above that it does indeed have a hot tube. We didn’t get a chance to try it, but I played with it a little and can say that, “Yep, it’s a hot tub”. 

I like the little curtains that they included for that extra bit of privacy. I should note that because of the way the cabins are angled, privacy isn’t really any issue. Unless you walked to our cabin, there is no way you could see the porch of another. 

The electric grill is sitting at the far end of the porch, but I brought my own gas grill so I can’t comment on how good it is. Two chairs are lines against the cabin wall so you can sit and enjoy the view. And speaking of the view…


Here’s a shot from The Lady, because apparently I didn’t take one of my own.

One rather interesting trait about this place was how the animals just roamed around. From the porch we saw sheep, goats, deer and a couple of donkeys.


Taken from the porch with a rather good zoom lens

If you’re the kind of is afraid of any of those, don’t worry, they didn’t come near the cabin. If you’re the kind who isn’t afraid, you can go to them!


I took this from maybe 15 feet away. To my left is a small herd of 20 or more sheepies.

There’s a lot more praise I could give, but I think that covers the big ones. I highly recommend you try this place if you plan to visit Fredericksburg, unless you plan on visiting the 2nd week in February, then you’ll have to fight me for it!
Ohh I almost forgot, the one downside that I could see someone not liking is that the place is about 13 minutes outside of the city. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but it’s something to consider. Also, the lack of wifi.

The Wineries.

We visited four places this trip, the first two we’ve been already and the last two are new to us.

First Up – Terre di Pietra

If you’ll remember from the last time, The Lady and I loved this place. This time… not so much. Maybe we got lucky last time? Maybe we got unlucky this time? Either way here’s the story. 

Upon entering the winery, The Lady and I were greeted by what is known as a Woo Girl. For those who don’t know what a Woo Girls is, and who didn’t click the link. A Woo Girls is simple a girl who will “woo” when excited. She is usually occupied by 4-5 other girls whom will also “woo”, a Woo Pack if you will. Now there are many places that a Woo Girl should be allowed to “woo”. Sadly, a small winery is not one of those places. However this is NOT Terre di Pietra fault. Yes they could ask her to pipe down, but that would be bad for business. I’m only mentioning her, because A. I just saw the Woo Girl episode of How I Met Your Mother, and B. It’s sets a tone.


After we paid our 15$ for the tasting, again you can read my previous review for the wine itself as it hasn’t changed since then, The Lady and I found our tasting table, which oddly enough happened to be the one farthest from the Woo Girl and her gang.(People in the top right). We waited will the barista, a kindly 60ish year old women, finished up with a set of 5 other people. This took a long time because she accidentally dropped a bottle of wine one of them was buying and was honestly just bad at multitasking. But she was nice so we waiting patiently. 

After the 5 women were taken care of she poured us the first wine and then disappeared for 7 minutes. Then she came back, poured us the second, and disappeared for 7 minutes again. This went on two more times. After the 5th pouring, she went on to help a group of 6 people and ignored/forgot about us. We didn’t even bother staying for the 6th and final tasting.

Such a disappointed since we loved it so much last time. So was this time a fluke? Maybe, the other tables seemed to get served just fine, so had we picked one of those we might have had a different experience. Except of course for the Woo Girl… There is no escaping a Woo Girl!



Next- Fiesta Winery


One thing that The Lady and I have come to realize about wineries is that the day you go and who serves you can make or break a place. The online reviews for Fiesta for example say that this place is more of a ‘College’ locale.Given that about half the wines cost 16$ I can see that, but that was not the case for us. 


Two girls enjoying the rain

The winery sits in a little shopping area with two other wineries and a couple of stores nearby. Despite the rain and cold, a couple sat on the porch playing some county music for the people who braved the rain for some tasty wine.


Rain is hard to photograph so if you can see it, like you can here, you know it’s really…really coming down.

The Lady and I sprinted in from the car and found the place mostly empty, probably because of the rain. The barman was nice enough and poured us our selected wine, though he told us nothing about them. We had our five tasting and decided to purchase 5 bottles between the two of us. The Lady splurged on some sort of chocolate and orange concoction called Sweet Bailey Ray. Which I might add had the highest alcohol content of  any of their wines at 18%. She has a… skill about liking those with high percent. All the more strange given that she practically never drinks. Very odd indeed.  


A Christmas wine that both of us bought.


Almost empty… probably because of the heavy rain


They have a rather large variety. I would think that you could find something to your liking.

Other than that there isn’t much to say. The music was nice and we probably would have stayed longer, but all of the covered seats were taken. Given the few reviews I read, I was rather surprised by the place and the lack of college kids. The large selection of wine is a huge plus for those whom are not sure what they like.

Before we left They Lady took a peek into one of the stores in the square.


It was a nice shop run by two nice people. They sold a type of paint called Milk Paint that we were told is great for wood. After peaking about, we headed to the next stop.

Rancho Ponte



Less Rain!

This is the third time we stopped here, so… you can can that we love it. We originally came to get a glass of their tasty Sangria, but sadly the stopped selling it for the winter. No matter, The Lady got herself a Muscat and I a Merlot. To point out a contrast to our early experience at  Terre di Pietra…  You can see from the picture below that they had their fair share of people. However once The Lady and I plopped ourselves on the corner of of the bar, a women quickly came to help us. She apologized for not have any Sangria’s and even let us taste a couple of the wines before we decide which one we’d like to be a glass of. She did this with a huge smile and while helping the people to the left and right of us. That, is how you do it!


Once we picked out our wines, we headed outside and had a seat. 


The musicians of the day were a husband wife pair called Bear Creek Wilderness. They sang, we listened. Between songs we would chat with them about were they lived, how long they’ve been doing what they do, and so on. They were very nice people who made the experience all the more joyful. I had a recording of their rendition of Hallelujah. Unfortunately, I had the mic muted so I don’t have much to show for it. If you read this guys, sorry I wasn’t able to get that recording to you! 


Here they are, doing their thing.

We stayed their chatting with them for almost two hours before the call of hunger drove us away. Hopefully, we’ll see them again some day! If you get the chance, you should check them out. Their web site has a calendar of where they will be playing.


A picture of one of the flowers that skirted the porch where we were sitting.


Lastly – Chisholm Trail Winery 

In actuality we went to this place first. Why am I writing about it last then? Because, when I was making the list above, I pasted this place last. 🙂 


A neat thing about this place is that if you stay at the same cabins I wrote about above, this winery is less than 2 miles away! In fact, if you follow that road on the left in the opposite direction, you’ll get to the cabins. 

We mostly stopped here because they place was so close, but man, are we happy we did. Outside of the winery rest pair of donkeys whom roam the parking lot, looking for love. Daisy and Jack were their names and The Lady became their best friend.


As you’ll already know if you’ve seen some of my other post, The Lady has a soft spot for any animal that loves a good petting.

While The Lady indulged Jack’s desire for a good ear rub, I went and did a little exploring. 


The first horse I found. She came up to me and allowed me to pet her.


I didn’t get close enough to pet this guy, though as you can see I’m plenty close. I don’t think he would have had a problem with me doing so, but better safe than hoof to the chest.

After wandering around for ten or so minutes I walked back to the parking lot to find the The Lady still petting good ole Jack. Daisy was also close by, keeping watch. After much prying I convinced The Lady to go into the winery. This worked until Jack started to follow her and then the petting resumed once more.


We’d probably have taken him home had The Lady had it her way.

Keeping to the theme of the day, this place was once again nearly empty. I think two other cars came and went while we where there.


The place had a very Western theme to it.

The barista was extremely nice and told us all about the donkeys and the roaming herds of sheep. She may have accidentally given us an extra glass of wine. But fear not owner of said winery! We bought 3 bottles and a couple of glasses because of the service and it is honestly the first place where I am actually considering joining the wine club. I’d say that’s worth a few ounces of extra goodness.


A rather unique thing about this place was the fact that you could close the curtain to the tables for a more personal/quiet experience.

Before heading out the following day, we stopped in again for a couple of glasses of Ghost Rider. Very tasty stuff. This place is decidedly our new 2nd favorite!  


Whelp that’s everything. If you want to peruse through the other photos of the trip you can follow this link or you can flip through the gallery below. Thanks for reading!

Fredericksburg Nov 2015

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