Round Rock Express- My first Baseball Game

The Inundation of Baseball

To get this out of the way, I’m not much of a sports person.  March Madness means little to me and Football is just something people talk about monday mornings. I know enough about the sports to at least be able to nod along or offer some witty comment, “yeah that guy threw that ball all sorts of wack”, or whatever the kids say nowadays.  The same could not be said of Baseball however. Yeah sure I know the basic. First, second, short-stop. But why the pitchee has to have his foot on this one spot on the mound? Why people seemed to obsess over the endless amount of stats that are collected? I knew nothing. That is until I met The Lady’s old man, The Cardinal. 

As the name suggest, The Cardinal is a Cardinals fan, super shocking I know. Among his other interesting, which at times seems to be anything that will allow him to have a good ole fashion discussion, he is above all a Cardinals fan. It is from him that I’ve learned why the players or in some cases fans, do the things they do. A Balk being my latest discovery. Well a few weeks ago, he had gotten The Lady and I tickets to a  Triple-A Minor League team, the Round Rock Express, a feeder team for the Texas Rangers. The game took place at the Dell Diamond. Fun fact, in the movie The Rookie, most of the scenes were filmed in or around the stadium.


The Funny Things

In retrospect this is kind of funny. On one hand, no one told us to bring anything. On the other, it should have been obvious. When The Lady and I arrived at the stadium, we were greeted with a nice guy asking for 8$ for the right to place the vehicle in an empty stop. But, neither The Lady nor I carry cash save for a few dollars. I happened to have not a cent that day and The Lady only had 7. Thankfully said nice guy, whom I guess got tired of The Lady fishing around for that last 1 dollar, just let us for through free of charge. Wherever you are sir, I tip my hat.



After we parked, we headed inside the stadium, of which I somehow managed to sneak a bottled water in. For those of you who hate the idea of bottled water, I mean this thing. The Lady then took us to our seats in section 122, or that’s what I thought at least. We sat down for a few minutes when we saw The Lady’s family come in and proceed to get some food. Shortly thereafter we began to wonder where they were. We both thought they had seats next to us and in fact they did. It was just that we were in section 123. Women and directions… just kidding.

So we rejoined the family in section 122 proper and awaited the start of the game.

The Game

The weather had been very humid throughout the day, but thankfully that all went away and turned into a beautiful evening.


Before the game players littered the field throwing the ball about and stretching.


Shortly before the game an army of kids took the field to stand at the various field positions while the National anthem was sung.

 With the Anthem sung, it was game on! I always thought watching a Baseball game was like watching paint dry. And to some extent I still hold to that, but this minor league game was different. One of the things that I learned is that a good quality pitcher is hard to find. I’m not saying that these guys are not good, they are in fact just one step away from the majors. It’s just that the ball is easier to hit at this level. What this all means is that watching the game was made all the more exciting by the near constant hits. 


The constant foul balls flying overhead also held our attention. Between each inning member/s of the audience would do little games for prizes such as a free pizza or T-Shirt. 

Here’s a kind racing a pizza slice. I think he won a free pizza…


Is it just me or does the second picture look like a fry is trying to steal first?

The Lady and I had to be up the next morning at 5:30 so we left after the 5th inning. All in all I quite enjoyed the event and would highly recommend others give it a try.

You can find the full album of pictures here

Thanks for reading!

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