A Quick Look at Ceramics Bayou

Sailing the Ceramics Bayou


In the tucked away corner of a small shopping center on Bee Caves road is an art studio called Ceramics Bayou.(CB) The Lady found it by, actually I don’t know how she found it, but she did. So as part of her gift to me( a year of dates), we headed on down to the Bayou for an afternoon for art.

What They Do

How it works

The CB is a small art studio where people can walk in and engaged in various art activities. You can paint your own pottery, create a mosaic, or take small pieces of glass and arrange them so that they can be fused together. The cost for any of these activities is based the size of the project. You can paint a small piece of potty for as little as 10$ or choose a larger one for as much as 80$. The mosaics are 15-40 and the glass fusing is 12-50.

After you complete any of the above activities, you’ll leave your masterpiece there for the CB staff to finish up. The pottery needs to be fired, the glass fused, and the mosaics grouted. After a week or so, you’ll head back to the CB and pick up your work. Easy peasy.

Fusing the Glass

The Lady and I decided to try our hand at glass fusing. When we walked in a staff member came shuffling over to assist us. She greeted us and asked what we wanted to do that day. After finding out we wanted to do the glass fusion, she walked us to a shelf which housed all the glass fusing materials, as well as some example base pieces. 


Fusing shelf

Fusing shelf

That middle shelf there shows off all the different size pieces we could make. After picking the Audrey Dish, it’s the one on the bottom left, the staff member showed us to a table and got us started. Our job was pick out glass from the shelf and place it on our base piece(my Audrey Dish).

Some of the glass

Some of the glass

The idea is that we will layer our glass on top of our base piece. After we are done, they will melt the glass together or “fuse them”.

To keep people from hogging the various jars of glass fragments, we were given a plastic plate so that we could pour small amounts of glass on too. My idea was to do a beach scene.


You can the beginnings of my sandy beach and palm tree.

The Girl

And here’s The Lady making her own stuff!

Every now and then a staff member would come by and ask if we needed any help. They were very friendly and enjoyed just chatting with us.

So They Lady and I sat, fiddle, worked, and reworked our glass to our heart’s content. I eventually settled on this.

first draft

With my work complete I asked our helper what to do next. She brought me a small dropper filled with hairspray? She informed me that the hairspray was use to keep the glass in place so that when she moved it to the kiln, the pieces wouldn’t shuffle around.


I was told to add a second clear layer to even out the thickness.

My job complete I walked around the store, letting the The Lady finished her piece. When she was done, we paid, went to dinner and eagerly waited to see the final product. 

But Before I Get to That

I think the main drawn here is letting kids paint their own pottery. We saw multiple families come in and set to work painting. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. They even offer a 10 week class for kids ages 5-12.

So what can you paint? Here’s a few examples as well as some finished products.

pottery 1

pottery 2

pottery 3

finished painting

Here’s some  finished pieces awaiting pickup


This one was my favorite.


Today The Lady and I headed back to the shop to pick up our fused glass after a few hours of paintball. So, wIthout further ado… the unveiling of my masterpiece!

final product

Ok, maybe it’s not the greatest thing in the world, but not shabby for a first try!

So, if you ever find yourself with some time to kill, head on down and create your own fused glass. Or paint a ceramic turtle, whatever makes you happy. The staff is friendly, the art is fun, and you get something to show off to your friends!

Thanks for reading
The rest of the pictures can be found here.

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