LootCrate May 2015

The May 2015, LootCrate Heading

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It’s become Summer here in Texas and once again we find ourselves in the middle of a drought. The sun is blazing with not a drop of wat… wait. No. That’s wrong. What I meant to say is that Austin and most of Texas have become home to a giant swimming pool. Water is where water used to not be. Peoples homes have been freely relocated downriver or outright removed.

If you wish to help, here are a few ways

Courtesy of U.S. Drought Monitor, here is May of last year and May of this year.



So yea, go El Niño. But on to the LootCrate! And if by some chance you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read all about LootCrate here.

The Loot


A Green/White Power Ranger shirt.  I like how it has the flute and sword in there. The text is a throw back to it’s Japaneses origins where the shows creative ‘parent’ ran under the name Super Sentai (fighting squadron)

Next is an ice cube tray that host the heads of Earth’s Mightiest Heros.(The Avengers)


The Avengers once again keeping you safe by securing your shoes to your feet.

Rounding out our super hero friends is lovely decal. This time from their latest movie, Age of Ultron.

A puzzle of Rick and Morty

For our Team Fortress 2 fans… Buttons! Who doesn’t like buttons? 

An issue of Mad magazine with a spoof of Jason Momoa’s Aquaqman.



A Bravest Warriors comic. Here’s their YouTube channel. It’s pretty funny, check it out!

And finally we have the monthly magazine and button.



So this months is kind of a mixed crate… heh. While I don’t see myself ever wearing the t-shirt, using the ice-cube tray and honestly the less said about the shoe laces the better, I am quite happy with the comic. More importantly I’m happy this months crate introduced me into something I didn’t know existed, Bravest Warriors. So thank you LootCrate, you win again…barely.

Thanks for reading!



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