Loot Crate March 2015

The ‘About Time’

If you don’t what Loot Crate is, you can read about it here. For those who don’t wish to follow the link, it’s a 20$ subscription service that delivers you a box full of nerdy stuff once a month. There is a different theme each month and the items that you get correlate to that theme.

The short of the ‘About Time’ is that a series of unfortunate events happened. The Loot Crate website will, each month, update the tracking number for the that months crate. That didn’t happen. Second, the mail lady who usually does our area was out and they had some new guy do it. The office told me that the new guy, well let’s just say that he didn’t do a great job or a good job…Barely even  a job. You see, when you get a package through USPS they are supposed to leave a little paper slip in your box letting you know that there is package for you in the office. This guy didn’t. So no tracking code and no packing slip. I went to the office 2 times, and as luck would have it, the crate had not been delivered at that point. So I waited a few days, then email the Loot Crate people. It was delivered March 25th they said. Trip to the office and, hurray! On to the Loot Crate for March 2015!

The Button

All Loot Crates come with a button. Here’s this months!

The Contents

The Loot Crate for this month was ‘Spy’. So…everything was spy related. Here’s what I got.

But sadly, not shakin. 

 A Stealth Watch. The left picture is what it looks like normally. When you press around about the middle, the watch light turns on and shows you the time. Pressing it a second time will show you the seconds.

Two small notebooks. 

Neat little book. It’s one of those where you fill out a list of Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and such. Then the read a paragraph that the list gets inserted into. It’s silly, but fun.


This is Parachute cord. As the name describes, it was originally used by the military for parachute cords. It’s pretty common stuff now. There are various ratings that describe how much weight the cord can hold. I’m not sure what the rating on this is, but the lowest rating is 95 pounds. You can see the lose black strand in the last picture, that’s how you unravel it. 


Next we have a small book about the character Sarah from the show Orphan Black. I haven’t seen the show myself, but I hear from multiple people that it’s quite good.


A download key for a comic book. Something cool to try out on a lazy day!


The Lanyard

If you watch Agent of Shield, you know what this is. If you don’t watch the show, I would watch the first few episode of season 1, then skip to episode 13. Basically the shows writers were hampered because they had to wait for the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier to happen. So the first half is really just boring filler. But on to The Lanyard, trust me, it’s a thing.


The access card comes in a nice little plastic wrapping. It has a nice glitter effect that really makes it…pop. I do hate that word, but it does work here. The paper case itself acts as a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s a real collectors item!

The Verdict

On the whole I’m pretty happy with this months crate. I think my favorite item in the shirt because it has some practical value, but The Lanyard comes in close second.

Thanks for reading!


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