A Look at Walnut Creek Bike Trail

Walnut Creek Bike Trail

The 10 foot wide concrete trail runs 10 miles and goes from Govalle Park, alongside the YMCA and continues to Decker/Lindell Rd. There is also an access point at the Austin Tennis Center on Jonny Morris Rd. For the most part it’s an easy ride with most sections having a 1-2 degree incline. There is one heck of a hill that last for about 1/3 of a mile and averages 5-7 degrees. If you cycle regular then you’ll be just fine, if you don’t. then suck it up and work those calf’s 🙂

I’ll talk more about the riding experience below, but that’s kind of the basics. You can find a little more info here.

The Ride

Earlier this week The Lady made a list of places around Austin that would be “amazing” to ride. At the top of that list, for reasons unknown the me, was the Walnut Creek Hike and Bike Trail. Thus on the of Saturday, April 30 I loaded my road bike and The Ladys cruiser onto the roof of my car and we set off!

We were not exactly sure where to go so we headed to the northern trail-head that starts on Lindell Rd. When we got there however , we realize that there is no place to park. A quick google search told us that we could park at the Tennis park a couple of miles away… So that’s where we went. It only makes sense. 

The tennis park had plenty of parking and we were able to park right next to the trail-head. Woot! 

Austin Tennis Center Trail Sign

Austin Tennis Center Trail Sign

Once upon a time the The Tennis Park was the end of the line. This changed last year when phase 2 of the project extend the trail a further 2.5 mile. The trail was extended a short distance from the Tennis Park and so you’ll travel a short 1/5 of a mile to get to the main trail. 

We wanted to see the who sch-bang so we choose to head north first.

Most of the trail is just as flat as you see here.

street crossing.

The “Northern” section includes two street crossing

The trail was a little wet from the rain that fell during the week, but nothing that would hamper our progress. We twisted around the turns dodging little sticks that had blown in from the previous days rain storm. Speaking of that, lets talk about speed. As previously mentioned, The Lady choose to bring her Cruiser as opposed to her Cross which placed a limit on our speed. That said, with the amount of turns and blind spots, you’d be hard pressed to really push it.(18 mph+). 

Rolling along, we past what has to be the nicest mobile home park I’ve ever seen. They even had a community pool!

End of the Line

End of the Line

 While nearing the end I heard what I thought was shotgun shots, and as it turns out, I was right! Capitol City Trap and Skeet, a popular Skeet Range was nearby.

Reaching the end, we did a U-Turn and started our journey to the other end of the trail.

Budwiser Distribution Center

I didn’t notice it going out, but the trail passes by a Budwiser Distribution Center

hill sign

Short after the intersection where the trail met the Tennis Park we saw the hill sign

As I mentioned above, it was quite a hill, though it did have a great view of downtown Austin.

For the next 4 or so miles we rode through a lush greenery.


tree damage

Damage from the previous nights storm

Along the way we passed under a major highway on three separate occasions, but you’d be hard pressed to take any notice. Shorty before the end we road on a section built above the ground.


A few more miles and we made it to the end.


One cool thing here is that there is a bike air station just out of the picture, behind The Lady.


If you like cycling and or want a leisure stroll, I recommend taking a little roll down the trail. If you can, I’d park at Govalle Park instead of the Tennis Center. I think it’s more convenient.

For the rest of the picture, go here.

Thanks for reading!

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