A Look at Sombrero Ranch Sleigh Ride

Sombrero Sleigh Ride

The stables that The Lady and I did our sleigh ride from is one of six ranches that fall under the Sombrero Ranches umbrella with each one offering something a little different depending on the areas topography. The one we went to was called Snow Mountain Ranch and given the snow, offered sleigh rides. They also offer a horseback ride through the snow, but on the day of our ride the town was hit with a rather nasty snow storm so they had to cancel the ride. 

Keeping the Heat

The Snow Mountain Ranch rest on a 5200 acre property that is owned/operated by the YMCA. We choose to register online, as is usually the case, and found the website very helpful in this regard. On the day of the ride they called a couple of hours before our ride time to confirm everything and to make sure we wore appropriate clothing. What’s appropriate clothing? That depends on the weather… obviously. The sleighs themselves are simply three benches that sit atop a wooden floor. That floor in turn rest on top of the slights

I never got a clean picture of the sleigh, but you can the general idea here. The left of the picture is the front. So you have 1 bench on each side and then one in the center-front. Each bench has a little black pad, the one on the bottom bench had fallen off onto the floor. Numerous wool blankets are also provided for extra warmth. 

Here’s another sleigh with a different 3 row configuration.

I mention all of this because I want to make it painfully obvious that you are sitting outside on a moving bench. So then, what’s appropriate clothing? Well, if you can go sit outside on the sidewalk for 45 minutes in the same weather and be OK, then that is appropriate clothing. When we went, the temperature was 20 degrees fahrenheit and I was fine in my ski gear plus and extra base layer for my legs. The wool blankets are there mostly to keep your lap warm. Do not rely on them to keep all of you warm. 

It might seem silly for me to go through all of that, but when we went, a family of 8 from Florida showed up wearing Fall clothing. Not Winter it’s snowing clothing. We head over our drivers radio that they had to turn area early because they were getting to cold. Wear warm gear. 🙂


The check-in area was pretty small and not enclosed, but it is covered. If you dressed correctly, this isn’t an issue, but it’s worth mentioning. The check-in process is pretty simply.
“Hello, I’m Aj”
“I have you down for the sleigh ride/dinner” -ohh The Lady and I did a sleigh ride/dinner combo. 
“Sign your life away on this little waiver and you’re set”.

Yep, pretty simply.

Check-In area

You can sign up for a private ride which gets you a cozier two person sleigh though The Lady and I choose to do the group one instead, but as luck would have it the group that would have ridden with us canceled half an hour prior to the ride. So we had the sleigh to ourselves anyways. 

Next to the check-in area is one of their outdoor pens.

We waited for about 10 minutes while the ranchers went about setting everything up.

Our Ride

The Ride

The sleigh ride takes you on a tour throughout the property. There is nothing of particular interest. No grand church or ancient ruins, but who needs it when you have the view below.

Quite the view

Our “driver” was extremely friendly and told us next to nothing about the area… Why? Because she honestly didn’t know anything interesting to say about it. It was actually quite funny and we enjoyed chatting with her. Of particular note is that she wore the same BUFF that I do. It’s of note because The Lady has on a occasion, made fun of my little BUFF. It was nice to have backup as to how awesome they are. 

There is really not too much more that I can say about the ride. It was a fantastic and awesome and… yea.


After the ride, we were led into a small building in which we would be served our dinner.

Dining Hall

When I first register for the ride, I was asked to choose between Chicken, Steak and I think a Fish dinner. I choose the Steak and The Lady took the Chicken.

Each table had a hand pump cylinder filled with hot water and a cup full of various teas and hot coco. I don’t have any pictures of the food, but it was simply amazing. I’m a steak guy and in my 32 year on this planet, I’ve had plenty of steak. So when I say this was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had, I mean it. It had this lovely molasses glaze on top that… No I must stop thinking on it as it will only make me miss it more. The meal also came with a salad, baked potato and BBQ beans. A true texas meal served in the hills of Colorado.

After we ate our food, we conversed with another couple whom was on a different sleigh. Nice people. A short while later the chef came out to ask us how our food was. He was extremely nice and was looking for criticism so that he can improve his craft. I had none to give, but man did I respect him for asking.

As the evening wore on, The Lady and I finish up the food and headed home.


What else can I say except that the sleigh ride was amazing. If I remember correctly the cost of entry was 65$ which isn’t bad at all when you consider the meal afterwards. So if you find yourself in the area, give them a call(or go to their website) and get yourself onto a sleigh. You won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading!

And if you want to see the rest of picture, go here!

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