Kidney Beany with Little Weenies Chili

The Why in the How

This is what might be the first of many cooking post. Now I’m not much of what you might call a ‘cook’. But I can read directions and I know how to google a recipe! 

Normally I cook on Wednesdays for The Lady and normally what I cook involves a crockpot. Simply because they are awesome. Seriously. This week I wanted to try something new, so for those paying attention, I made Chili. The first Chili I’ve ever made in point in fact!

Day 1: The Prep

Before I recant my experience, this is the recipe I choose. 

My journey started as all cooking journeys must, to H.E.B.(Grocery store) I wandered around the store picking up the items the recipe required, sans the onions. Mostly because I just didn’t feel like chopping them, don’t judge me! I also substituted the red peppers for green. And if you care to know, I used 93/7 ground beef. Personally I think that percentage is a good mixture of healthy and tasty. 

First step was the dicing of the pepper and garlic. I knew how the dice the peppers from watching The Lady do it numerous times. The garlic was however a new experience. You see what I thought was a clove was actually a bulb. If you don’t know, a bunch of cloves make up a bulb. So the other two bulbs I bought went back into the fridge. 

I separated out 7 cloves and spent 20 minutes peeling then, apparently there is an easy quick way… I should use Google more. Any who, once skinned, I diced the peppers and garlic in one nice pile.

Next I threw the dice veggies into a pan, of which I had already added a smidgen of vegetable oil and let them cook for a few.

I added the meat, and cooked white mixing in the Cumin and Chili Powder.

Once the meat was cook, it was promptly transferred into the crock pot.


A small piece escaped onto the floor, but luckily Sergeant Clark was there to apprehend the wayward meet. Notice the meat free flow next to the bowl. He’s a quick one.

Up next I  added the rest of the ingredients into the pot. That is, the diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and kidney beans.

The diced tomatoes.

Then the tomato paste.

Finally, the Kidney Beans.

The chili was to be cooked the following day, so into the fridge it went. Time for dishes! Hurray!

Day 2: The Eating

In the morning I took the pot out of the fridge, plugged it in, and turned it on Low. I went off to work while this little baby did it’s thing. When I got home, a lovely aroma filled the apartment. Ahh yes, only a few more hours till eatin time… About 15 minutes before the lady came over I set to work on the little weenies.

All I really did was was put them into the pan with some water to heat them up.


Add a little cheese to the chili.And that was it! 

I had a few extra King Hawaiian rolls so I made a hotdog of sorts.

The final product.

The Verdict

I was quite happy how it turned out. I myself would have probably added a lot more pepper as I like my food with a healthy kick, but The Lady said it was a nice balance for her. I give it a solid 3 out of 5 ‘Yums’. 

Here are a couple shots I took that night after the storm passed through. Thanks for reading!


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