Euthanizing My Cat, Duke Louis

Today I had to make a decision about Louis, multiple expensive surgeries or euthanasia. I’m sure a lot of people read that and thought, expensive? No price is to much for my friend. I’ll go over that but before I do, allow me to tell you about my friend, Louis.


Properly known as Louis Vanderthorn the Third, or King Louie as The Lady referred to him, Louis hailed from across the ocean were he was born to be a Duke. From early childhood, he was being raised to be a proper Duke. One that upholds all that which is righteous and pure in this world. However, Lois had a brother, Karl. Karl was a jealous one whom spent many long hours pining over the would be Dukes power. On the day before Louis’s coronation, Karl enacted his plan which forced Louis to flee to the New World. It was soon after his arrival that I met him.

In reality, I met Louis shortly after I arrived in Austin. I was feeling a bit lonely and after giving it some thought, I decided to get a cat. I’ve always believed in adopting and its hard to deny the smaller finical impact adopting has on someone fresh out of college. The following weekend I headed down to Austin’s Pets Alive.  Arriving at the center, I found my way to the cat area and began my search. One of the volunteers let me know it was “kitten season”, but I wanted one a little older. Walking between the cages I felt a little tug on my shirt. Looking over I saw a little 8 month old tabby’s paw holding onto my shirt, Louis.

Long Live the King

Alright, back to subject, cost. I guess I went looking for confirmation that I made an OK decision. Is cost really a reason to have a pet put down? Lots of people had thoughts one way or the other, but it was the stories of people who did pay that intrigued me the most. 

Their stories, while all different, followed the same theme. The owner/s spent thousands of dollars to do what they thought was best. Sometimes the story ending with a happy ending, but more often than not, it ended how you’d expect, with a few more tears and a large credit card bill. Not to mention any discomfort the pet went through during all the procedures. 

I’ll keep this short for anyone who reads this and finds themselves in the same situation. Don’t feel guilty. If it helps, think about the pets quality of life instead of the duration. It’s better to live short and well, than long and miserable. Keep thinking that. It’ll help. I promise. 

 The unwritten reality of being a responsibility pet owner is that sooner or later, you’ll have to make the decisions to put your pet to sleep. Unfortunately, some of us have to do it sooner than we’d like. So for those who have to make the call, my sympathies. It’s a hard decision, try not to beat yourself up about it.


Sleep well Louis.

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