Crochet Class at JoAnn Fabrics

The Yarn in the Needle

While going to a tech fair for kids at Barnes and Nobles, I bought The Lady a woodland crochet kit that I thought she might like. On the way I home, I got to thinking that it might be fun for me to try. Once at home, I went online and found a kit made by the same company, but instead of woodland creatures, it was Star Wars

The Lady and I had been wanting to take a class to learn something new because that’s the kind of thing The Lady and I do. I went on a search for something fun The Lady and I could do when I saw my little Star Wars crochet kit sitting on my desk. About an hour later, The Lady and I were signed up for the Crochet 101:Basics at JoAnn Fabrics. Ohh I should say that this was at the 10515 N Mo Pac Expressway.

Scratching the Stitch

The Lady and I arrived at the store 1/2 an hour before our class. The Lady bought some Christmas supplies and I bought yarn and a Crochet Hook. We also wanted to clear up any oddities that might happened with the class…

A little under two hours before the class started, I had gotten an email from JoAnn Fabrics that the class had been canceled! The email didn’t contain any details as to why so I called the store. Funny enough, while I was waiting for the store lady to find out why the class had been canceled, I got an incoming call from the store. Apparently, the original teacher of the class had taken ill. They had found a replacement teacher, but the system the store uses automatically sent out a cancellation email. 

So there we are at the checkout line buying our stuff. The cashier, making conversation, asked about the crochet hook I was buying. I told her about the class, to which she replied that she was the one who had called me. She had to re-sign both of us up for the class, but the cashier, who as it turns out was the manager, gave us a 50% discount for our troubles. It was something that I didn’t expect and a nice way to make up for their mistake. 

Purchasing our stuff, we headed over to the class area.

Getting Hooked

The class was to cover four basic stitches, Chain Stitch, Single Crochet, Double Crochet and the Half Double Crochet. Each of use was given a bag which contained a spool of yarn, plastic H-10.5 Crochet Hook, instruction booklet (really it was only 3 page), and other stuff advertising for JoAnn’s Fabric.

Worsted Weighted Yarn and plastic H-10.5 Crochet Hook

We started out with a Chain Stitch.

Chain Stitch

Next, we learned the Single Crochet

A very badly done single crochet.

And finally we did the Half Double and Double Crochet

A blob of yarn.

The actual class was OK. Our teacher seemed a little frazzled which could be contributed to being assigned the class a couple of hours before hand. Also, one of the students showed up a little over an hour late. But, before she could join the class she had to re-register for the class and for whatever reason that whole process proved difficult. The end result was that the teacher was trying to get the late student caught up while teaching us the new stuff. 

The teacher is the lady in the center bottom.

Another problem was the lack of direction. We kind of just started to crochet without being told what our final goal was. I think if we were given a project, things would have been better. The actual project would be irrelevant, but something for us to strive to would have been nice. 

A hodgepodge of single, half double, and double crochet stitches.

For example, having us make 3 different squares that consisted of a single stitch would have simple and awesome. That way we would have 3 different and solid examples of what each stitch should look like, instead of the tangle mess that is pictured above.

Wrap-Up and Examples

So the question is, would I recommend the class? Honestly, if all of the teachers teach the class the way we learned it, I’d just stick to YouTube videos. I’d recommend this one. She’s very bubbly and helped clarify some things that The Lady and I didn’t get from the class, but there are many others.

Despite our experience, we both still want to learn more. In fact, as I’m typing this, The Lady is making a scarf and it’s looking awesome!

The Lady’s scarf in progress.

My Minion Blanket

My very rough flower

Whelp, that’s it! You can see the rest of the pictures here.

Thanks for reading!

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