Costa Rica w/ Costa Rica Rios: Day 1

The Where To in the Place

  Some time during the Christmas season of 2014, The Lady and I started to make plans for our next trip. To be honest I don’t remember much about the discussion other than I suggested Yosemite National Park where as she found a package trip to Costa Rica at The Clymb. I liked her idea better, so we booked the trip. In point of fact, They Clymb was just acting as a middle man for the Costa Rica Rios. You can read more about them through their site, but the short of it is that they are a family owned, our contact person was in fact the owner, businesses whose been highly rated by groups such as National Geographic. They have two basic packages. One called ‘Week of Rivers Kayak’ which consist of mostly White Water Rafting and Kayaking. The second, which The Lady and I did, is called the ‘Week of Adventures’ and does a variety of activities such as White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Zip Line and other fun things. Of course, our group went a little off the beaten path, which I’ll talk about later…

The Plane in the Sky

Our trip started as all trips of this nature must, without the sun. It’s been a constant of mine that planes bound for smaller counties leave either very early, or very late. Ours left at 7 am. The flight itself was fine. We had a transfer in Dallas, which gave the both of us time to grab a snack though ironically enough, the flight to San Jose actually fed us a breakfast. First time I’ve ever been fed on a plane. I got the eggs. Not to shabby. We landed and did the usual customs process, which took about an hour.

I think the customs official thought They Lady and I were dangerous people because he kept asking where we were going and why we were here. We tried explaining how we didn’t know the exact address because it would be changing throughout the week and that we were here through a tour guided trip. After a few minutes of me digging through the itinerary on my phone, he finally let us pass. We had a small hiccup in communication whereas we thought the driver who was going to be picking us was going to be waiting inside the Airport. She was not, but a short call the Jane, the owner of Costa Rica Rios, told us she was waiting outside for us.

Now this was quite the scene. We were told before hand that the local cabbies really want to give you a ride, and boy were they not kidding. In the short 30 foot walk to the nice lady holding a sign with The Lady and I’s name, we must have been asked by 20 different cabbies.
“Necesitas un taxi?”
“You need taxi?”
“Taxi you want?”
Everywhere, from all directions, Taxi… Taxi… TAXI!!!!!

After wading through the most excited bunch of taxi drivers I have ever seen, we hopped in the shuttle with the rest of our group. Both Americans, excuse me, ‘United Statians?’. More of that one later. One I nick name ‘Red Beard because, well, his beard was red. The other, ‘Bruja’, got nickname by a local because he was a very white guy. We were told Bruja meant vampire, but a Google search shows it to mean ‘Witch’ and other not so nice words. In any case Bruja is the name that stuck. 

We began our two hour drive to Turrialba passing some of the unique Costa Rican restaurants.

Once we got out of San Jose, the scenery became much nicer.
This is a generally, god awful picture, but it was the best my phone could do while driving in a van.

We arrived at the hotel, the name of which I can not recall, shortly before nightfall.

We did a short walk around the place to get some picture and stretch our legs. 

Note that Love Scenes as not allowed 😉

Later in the evening we had dinner as the resorts restaurant we our fellow adventures and Jane. She told us about the weeks plan and answered any questions we had. We also had a ‘surprise’ visit from a Futbol team, whom are apparently, quite famous in Costa Rica.

After we finished dinner, all of us retired to our rooms to get a good nights rest for the following day!

Thanks for reading day 1 of the adventure! Nothing truly exciting I’ll admit, but it’s just day 1! 

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