A quick look at Adults Night at Mt Playmore

What It Is

  For those of you who remember Chucky Cheese and it’s numerous incarnations, then you’ll have a rather crud understanding of what Mt Playmore is. The place is sectioned off into 5 basic areas, each with their own activity. You have an arcade, food area, jungle gym type thing that I’ll get into more later, kids rides -think quarter horse machines that you used to be outside Wal-Marts and an area for tots -which they claim is the largest one in Austin at 1400 sq ft.

Like any good store that caters to kids they do parties, events and host special shows all the time. For example, on March the 2nd, 2016, they are doing a Reptile Show put on by Austin Reptile Shows

What I’ll do for this look at is go over each of the 4 areas, I can’t speak to much on the toddler area since it was Adult night. Then I’ll give a little story about our experience. 

But before all that, I should briefly explain how the rides and arcade work.  On top of the admission price, which you can find here, the rides and arcade cost extra. Whhaaa you say? Extra? What sort of thievery is this?! Let me assure you that what I am calling the jungle gym is more than worth the cost of admission. On top of that, most of the rides/games cost 35¢, so we’re not exactly breaking the bank here. 

All of this is paid with a card. This one actually.

The card is read through a machine that is attached to the ride/arcade. I forgot to take a picture of that, but here’s one from Dave and Busters with the same idea.


You swipe the card, you get the game

I’m not sure how to add money or recharge the card because the Adult night event was unlimited play.

Now that that’s out-of-the-way…

The Rides

 In front of the store, right after the admission area is an open area of carpet filled with little kids rides. There was a tiny 4 kid Horse Carousel, an Ice Cream Trunk, a Panda See-Saw and a couple of others. I’ll have pictures in the story section below. The rides lasted about a minute with some being better than others. I think the Carousel and Ice Cream Truck were the best. There was also one that had you sit in a chair while it rotated along a 5 foot circle. All in  all, a pretty cool area for kids and adults alike. 

The Foods

Next to the rides is the food area. There is a little “restaurant” where you can find a surprising robust selection of food. Normally I would expect to find the usual affair of Hamburger, Hot Dogs and Nachos (all of which they do have), but they also have a couple different wraps, salads, pizzas and sandwiches. We ate before hand, so I can’t get a first hand account for the food, but it certainly looked good on other people plates. You can find the full menu here

A large amount of tables were spread out for you sit and eat at. Not much more to say about the tables. They did their job. They tabled. 

The Arcade

In the back of the store sits the arcade. The games are clearly geared toward kids as none of them involved violence, unless you count killing bugs with a spray can as violent. What they do have is Guitar Hero, DDR, various racing games, kid sized basketball shootout and a couple of simulators. And what kids arcade would be complete without ticket games? They got the good ole fashion Skee Ball, coin pushers, Operation?, and some others.

My personal favorite was Wacky Gator.

There was something strangely lethargic. Hitting those little gators as they came out put a real smile on my face. Clearly The Lady also enjoyed them. 

There is also a couple of photo booths for those who wish to make those crazy zany pictures. 

The Jungle Gym

Call this a Jungle Gym is perhaps a bit disingenuous. This thing is massive and ohh so much fun. It runs along the wall of the right side of the store and forms a square. In the middle is 4 couches and some 30-40 Ikea like chairs. As the play area is a no shoe area, a shoe cubby sits next to the 6 entrances.

Depending what you call a level, this thing is 3-5 levels high or roughly 30ft. The walls and floor are made of a soft strap that is crisscrossed to form a web. It has a little bounce to it which is nice, especially for the adults with knee issues. 


Something like this.

Anything that could be considered hard is wrapped in foam to protect the little ones who run crazy and the adults who…also run crazy. *Note that running is strictly prohibited inside the play area*
The area was built with the adults in mind, so that they could play with their young ones. In other words, you can stand up most of time. But there are a few stops were an adult would have to hunch over or even crawl. But those were few and far between. 

For reference, The Lady is 5’8

While running, err carefully walking, thru the maze , you will come across all sorts of things to do. There are 3 different slides, handlebars, a small sliding handlebar zip-line thingy, a couple of bouncy rooms, a room with a riding pendulum, tightrope, and more stuff that I’m sure I missed. The Lady and I may have stopped in one particularly bouncy room to have a dance off. She may have won…

So, that’s what they have. Now on to the story!

Adult Night

The Lady’s her sister-in-law took her kids there one day and saw some fliers about the Adult’s night. Somehow that filtered down to The Lady who in turn brought it up to me. Got that? Good.

We* purchased our tickets and proceeded to wait. Because it was about a month away. It was a lot of waiting.

The party started at 9 and lasted till 2 so being the old folks that we are, we wanted to get there at 9. Before heading over we tried a new restaurant Cedro’s. It’s an Italian place that we kept saying we should go to when we passed by it on our way to the Alamo Drafthouse. It was OK. 

After we finished our grub we headed over to Mt Playmore. Arriving at exactly 9, man are we awesome planners, we found the place pretty empty. Maybe 10-15 cars filled the parking lot. 

We headed inside and took our place behind 10 or so people. The couple in front of us turned around and saw that we were clothed in workout clothes. He and his lady friend expressed surprise to see people walking around in jeans. Most of the fun in this place consisted of the Jungle Gym where jeans would restrict vital movement. Yes, it’s fair to say I agreed with the man.

***A few minutes pass, the lines move and I’m still looking for my confirmation email. Hmm… Nothing… Did I buy a ticket? I hope so because the couple in jeans got turned away because the event was sold out. The Lady, appropriately, scolded me. We get to ticket lady and I still can’t find my confirmation email, so while The Lady is showing the employee her ticket, I’m explaining what happened. Maybe she was trying to rush us out-of-the-way as a long line was beginning to form or maybe she was just nice. In either case, she gave me a free pass. Thank you ticket lady!

First up… The Lady wanted to ride the Carousel. 

And then the Ice Cream Truck

And then a third one. But I didn’t get a picture of that. Then we headed to the Jungle Gym thingy…

Standing in the center, looking toward the arcade area.

Here you can get an idea of the scale of this thing. It’s pretty big. The Lady and I took off our shoes, placed them in the cubbies and went racing through the maze. 

Up, down, crawling, sliding, swinging, bouncing. All things that describe what we did. 

Time to spot and pose!

One of the slides. I may have gone down backward and head first..

The place didn’t have a single path to follow, instead certain points would branch off. Sometimes they would meet back up a few meters ahead, sometimes they went in different directions.

Low light isn’t fun for cameras

Above is a good view of crisscross floor webbing. I can’t remember getting a toe stuck, if you’re worried about that sort of thing. And why wouldn’t you be? You should protect your toes. They’re important.

We emerged from the webbing of fun dripping in sweat. Yeah, I can’t imagine doing this in jeans. Before checking out the other areas, we took a seat on the Ikea like chains and cooled off. The music that was being played throughout the store was being conducted by a DJ who was set up in the same area as the Jungle Gym. 

More 90’s and early 2000’s music than I would have thought. “This is how we do it. This is how we do it

Cooled off we headed over to the arcade. As mentioned above, most of the games are geared toward kids, but that doesn’t mean fun wasn’t to be had. The first one we tried was a ticket machine. And no, it didn’t work because we have an unlimited number of plays.

Next we moved to Dance Dance Revolution where I learned that The Lady is not a DDR player. Then again, neither was I. We both looked like fish flopping about in outer space. Good looking fish, but fish none the less. 

Taken back by our lack of motor coordination, we moved to the Skee Ball.

By this time a few more people had show up. Most arrived toting a cooler of some sort as it was a BYOB affair. I also noticed that as the night went on, the crowd shifted from 30’s folks to 20 somethings. My guess is that people went there as a replacement for going to a bar. 

The Lady tries her hand at a racing game.

An interesting twist on the standard Operation game.

We played the various games for about 45 minutes before heading to the food area for some liquid refreshments.  Walking around the tables was a man doing balloon things.

Here he is making Arial from Little Mermaid.

Re-hydrated, we took the Jungle Gym to task one last time. 

The Lady showing off her upper body strength.

Suitably tired, we decided it was time to head home. On the way out, The Lady noticed one last ride she had to try…

This is the ride that went around in circles.

The Lady- “My butts to big to fit in the char!”


I chatted a little with the guy who set the event up. This was their first Adult night and he had no idea how it would turn out. Furthermore he was surprised at how quickly the event sold out, even with almost zero advertising.

So what’s next? He told me a few thoughts for future events that mostly revolved around themed nights. I threw in my two cents for a Super Hero night. I think it would awesome if they could partner with other companies like The Thinkery does. How great would it be to have races through the play area or a synchronized zombie dance. There’s so many awesome things they could do.

The next event hasn’t been scheduled yet. If you’re looking to go  I recommend keeping an eye on their Facebook profile and events page which could be found…

Website here.
Facebook here

For the rest of the, admittedly not so great photos, go here

Thanks for reading!



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