A Night at the Thinkery

The What in The Thinkery

5 Aj points if you know what show uses the above style for their episode titles.

Austin’s Thinkery is a wonderful children’s museum located near Austin’s Children Hospital. It sits just outside of a beautiful park where a few of swans partake in the clear pond water. On any given day you’d find kids running around, couples having a picnics, and people in love taking wedding photos.

The Thinkery itself has 3 rooms on the first floor and a huge playground. Upstairs you’ll find an Aqua room, a kitchen, and grocery store. Complete with plastic pots, pans, and various fruits. 

The Age Gap

Now a clever person might see the word Children and think, why are adults there by themselves? Well, about once a month The Thinkery has a 21 and up night. Each event is characterized by a theme, this one was the circus. So The Lady and I along with a couple friends Curls and The Nerd, both awesome people! I can’t speak for the others, but I mostly wanted to see the advertised miniature pony.

The Sites and Sounds

When we first walked in, we were greeted to a lady on a large ring suspend from the ceiling doing various poses. 




 To the right of her a guy was using an impressive amount of strength to hand stand on some wooden blocks.


From there we headed into the main room where a couple of circus folk were giving juggling lessons. All of us gave it go, some doing better than other. The Lady might have dropped a few of the hacky sacks on her head… The Nerd probably did the best of all of us. We then attempted couples juggling, which devolved into a Hacky Sack fight. The Lady and I were, of course the winners.


The room also had this awesome stop motion camera which pointed onto a table. Around the table were blocks of all shapes and sizes. The Nerd and I imminently got to work, The Lady and Curls watched on as if observing two monkeys in a zoo.


The screen shows the current and previous frame. The previous is one being slightly see through. To the right of The Nerd, you can see the buttons that control everything. There is a forward, back, delete, capture, and save. When you saved it, the video was posted on a monitor on the other side of the screen I’m starring at. After we finished we went to the other side to view our masterpiece. We found out while viewing the video that you could export it to youtube So without further ado…

We realized here that we didn’t quite make it long enough, but we didn’t want to pull a George Lucas and add in more stuff. The original suited us just fine.

Next we walked outside where a course was outlined with those lights you’d see on a airplane floor. The Lady and I raced on this tiny course in tiny bikes. We both tried many ways to pedal, The Lady resorted to using her knees which as it turned out to be quite effective. 


The Nerd tried his luck on this thing! With pretty good success I might add.


Finishing up our biking time trials, we wandered into the ‘lights’ room. There was a table were you could put plastic cylinder of different colors into holes with lights on the bottom, I attempted to make Abraham Lincoln, buy Curls stole the blocks I was using for the top hat. Meanwhile The Lady was having a blast playing with a HuLa Hoop.


As we were leaving the room I noticed a bright flash coming out of a small room that was off to the side. Upon investigating I found it to be a room were upon pushing a button, a bright flash would go off and somehow the wall would record your shadow.


After being flashed we walked back into the main room to find a little show going on. It was a women doing a dance with a HuLa Hoop.

Forgive the picture quality, my Mirrorless cameras battery and it 2 spares were sadly empty, so there were all taken with my Nexus 5. Lightroom was able to work it magic on most of them, but not all.


We watched her for a while before heading upstairs. We played in the ‘water’ room. Curls got a few splashes that she wasn’t quite expecting. The grocery room proved to be fun as it had a ‘tightrope’ type game where you put a yellow box on your head and walk across a 2×4.

https://flic.kr/p/rDWBfi https://flic.kr/p/qZoUJd https://flic.kr/p/rDNzAm

Next we headed outside to see the miniature pony! You could also bling up a bunny and take some photos, but that seemed wrong to me, so I didn’t partake.


With the evening coming a close, we stopped at the Evil Weiner food truck before heading home.

https://flic.kr/p/rDNxgS https://flic.kr/p/qZAwuD

After dropping The Lady off, I came home to find The Calm One sitting on my kitchen counter.


That’s it! Thanks for reading. If you want to view all the pictures you can head over to the flickr album here

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